Fixed: Corel videostudio has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working properly

Corel videostudio has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working properly

If you are suffering from corel VideoStudio x10 keeps crashing with this message :-
 A problem caused the program stopped working properly
The program will closed and you will be
notified if there's any solution to the problem.

so here is the 100% working solution for that problem.

This solution can be used, to solve the problem in all Corel version,  such as: Corel videostudio x4, Corel videostudio x5, Corel videostudio x6, Corel videostudio x7, Corel videostudio x8, Corel videostudio x9 and Corel videostudio x10 for both pro or ultimate edition.

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First, you should download all new fix and updates for your corel videostudio from corel website and make sure that you are tt the right site for the version panel when you are on the corel website, as they categorize all the versions and their installations in one page as you will see on the image below. 
Click here to go to download page of corel videostudio updates and fixes.

Corel videostudio updates and fixes, one page for all versions

If your program is updated then you can proceed to the solutions from the following steps:-

1- First and the most common cause for that problem, is the foreign, unimportant, or older files or icons on videostudio library. So you must reset your library by applying the following steps:

  • a- Open your corel videostudio application.
  • b- From inside the app click on Setting then hover on Library manager option 
  • c- Click on Reset library option to reset your library to default setting. 
  • d. Close the Corel VideoStudio app and open it again to see the result. 
See the picture below to know how to perform a library rest:

library reset to fix crashing issue
Open image in new tab to enlarge it.

2- Run corel VideoStudio app as administrator: 
If the previous solution nor solve crashing problem of corel videostudio, you can change the opening permission of the app to be run as administrator through the following steps:
  • a. Locate the icon or shortcut of corel app on desktop or from start menu.
  • b. Right click on the app's icon to show the options and select Properties option.
  • c. Navigate to Comparability panel and check/select the Run this program as administrator option.
  • d. Click OK to save changes.
  • d. Restart the Corel app to see the result. 

See the pictures below to know how to run corel VideoStudio app as administrator:
run corel VideoStudio app as administrator
                                         Open image in new tab to enlarge it.

run corel VideoStudio app as administrator
Open image in new tab to enlarge it.

3- The third cause for this problem is the QuickTime player in case it is not updated to the latest and compatible version. So you should update QuickTime player from official website click here as this player is important for corel videostudio to play the edited video inside the corel videostudio properly.

See thea version of QuickTime player from application panel

You can see this steps clearly on this video:

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