Hover to translate best offline dictionary for computer by hovering mouse cursor on any word to see translation immediately

hover to translate

Are you student and you are facing difficulties on translation of your electronic lectures or text books? Did you like to read story,topic,news, or anything else on other language rather than your own language
but you face difficulty on translation some or all of words on what you are reading?. If you face those problems or similar problem related to translation, so you are where you will find best advice to best solution for your problem with this program. With this offline dictionary for computer which offer easiest way to translate from any readable text on computer by just hover by mouse cursor on any word for one second to see it's translation immediately. this application also capable to translate the most important of Latin terms especially on medical field, in addition to interpretation of abbreviations in different fields.
e.g interpretation of DC abbreviation

hover to translate anywhere

e.g translation of Latin term (medical field)
hover by mouse on word to translate it immediately

The program also offer definitions for any word online from Wekipedia by just press of alt key from keyboard + left click button of mouse on any word to see its definition when you are connected to internet.

hover to translate: best offline dictionary for computer

This program able to translate even from video, image, application tapes, and from any readable text, and it support Arabic to English, Spanish to English and reverse, in addition to another languages.

To download this dictionary go to official website from link below and select language that you need.

click here to go to download page

also you can see more details about program and how to use it from the video below

This was the end of our topic about best and easiest offline dictionary to translate any word by just hovering on any word by mouse to translate it immediately, if you have more information or others app that offer best action over this please share it with us on comment below.

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  1. page http://www.verbace.com/ shows "hacked by achraf dz"

  2. page http://www.verbace.com/ shows "hacked by achraf dz"

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