Easiest way to write a bright text by Photoshop in less than 5 minutes

In this subject you will learn how to make a shiny bright text using Photoshop software easily and quickly in less than 5 minutes.

1- Open Photoshop application and open new document (File>New) or by press Ctrl+N key from keyboard.

2- Set the properties of new document as in picture below then press OK:
      -  width= 1280
      - height=  720
      - resolution= 300 or less (but not to be below 70)
      - background color = black (important to reflect light of select color) 
      - the remain thing no need to change it.

3- Press on (Horizontal Type Tool)  from tool panel or press T on key board.

 4- Type the text that you need to add effect to it as i write (APPTECHERA) which is the name of this blogspot, then set the font, size, and color as your favored (i select the three color as it the most common color used with this effect):

5- Make selection for your text by pressing on the icon of the layer of text while you hold press on Ctrl key on keyboard ( make sure that the text was selected) as in picture below :

6- Inverse selection by press on (Ctrl+Shift+I) keys on keyboard or go to select>inverse  as you will see below :

7- After that go to Filter>Blur> Gaussian blur  then chose the ( Convert To Smart Object) As in below:

8- Set the effect strength to 10 or sub to you (but not to be large value):

9- Re-applay filter 3 to 5 times by press Ctrl+F keys from keyboard or as you will see below:

10- Go to layer panel and right click by mouse on text layer>duplicate layer ( or by press Ctrl+J) on keyboard:

11- Here you are done but still you must save your work as picture and below is how you can :
   File>Save As>(select JPEG format as in picture below :

          For more information you can watch the whole work on video from link below:

My wish is that you get benefit and know how to make a shiny bright text using Photoshop software.

best regards.

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