How to flash/update custom/official ROM to samsung galaxy SPH-D710 step by step

     Sometimes we may need to try new ROM on our mobile, install new or updated firmware, or even repair mobile firmware, but we should go to
specialist engineer to do that and we must pay money to get that.  
      On this topic you will learn how to save money and maintain your mobile easily, but first you should have prerequisites and read cautions to do that by yourself:-

  • prerequisites include:-
      1- Laptop or desktop.
      2- USB data cable.

      3- Odin software.Click here to download Odin v3.10.6
      4- Samsung USB driver for your mobile.Click here to download driver
      5- Proper ROM that is applicable to your mobile.
         (only and only if your mobile model is Galaxy s2 SPH-D710 click here or  here to download its ROM). DON'T TRY IT  ON ANOTHER MODEL. 
      6- Internet to download soft prerequisites.

  • Cautions include:-

  1. You must carefully choose the suitable and specific ROM for your mobile.
  2. You should know that there is difference between mobile devices even if they bear same model  name, for ex. there are many different versions of Samsung Galaxy S5 (such as, G900F (Europe), G900I (Asia, Australia), G900M (Vodafone), G900A (AT&T), G900T (T-Mobile), G900W8 (Canada), G900K/G900L/G900S (Korea), G900V(Verizon), G900P(Sprint), and each of them has specific ROM that are not applicable to another, instead it may brick another devices.
  3. You should have an official ROM installed on your computer before trying to flash custom ROM to restore your mobile in case you failed to flash custom ROM properly.
  4. We are not responsible if you brick your device if you tried this lecture wrongly (try it on your own risk).   

          Now follow the following pictures step by step: 

Note:- This tutorial was on galaxy s2 SPH-D710, however you can applied steps to flash ROM to another model  BUT you should use another ROM that is specific and applicable to your device.

Also you can watch this tutorial as video from the link below:-

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  1. Replies
    1. If your question is about availability of English language in this ROM, So the answer is Yes the English and more than 50 languages are available on this custom ROM.