Fixed: Corel app Crashes on Starting-up i.e Won't Launch Properly and Crash ( VideoStudio, CorelDraw, Paintshop,... etc.)


         Corel app crashes on starting/Corel app won't starting Corel VideoStudio/Corel Draw/Corel PaintShop…etc. sometime with the following error message:

 Corel ………….. has stopped working. Check online for a solution and close the program

           Recently, must users of Corel softwares (Corel VideoStudio/Corel Draw/Corel PaintShop…etc.) encounter annoying issue which is crashing software on starting up. This issue is related to recent security windows update especially on windows 7 and windows vista.    

.?How to resolve this issue? 

   For Corel VideoStudio user: -

There is an update fix for this problem click here to go to download page 
(Alternative link) and restart your system.
then select version from list as following:

        :For CorelDraw users 
        you can do the following: -
1- Download and install this package update for windows (KB2670838) and restart your system.
2- Or upgrade your Corel software. 

 For Corel PaintShop users you can try what I read about that (but I am not sure if it will works) by uninstall this package from update list (KB2670838) and restart your system.

    For all Corel software users, if the mentioned method not resolve your problem 
You can try to uninstall this package (KB3140410) from windows update list through: -
1. Go into Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features>View Installed Updates
2. In the search box search for: KB3140410
3. Right click on the package>Uninstall.
4. Stop automatic windows update.
5. Restart your computer.

    If something went unclear you can watch this video for more details:

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