Add Any Language to Your Android Device Easily

If you obtained an android device from America and need to change phone language to your own language, here is the easiest way to do that. In this topic I will show you how to add any language to your android device without computer and without any
 additional data.

This method is applicable to:
1-All android devices that came with US-based languages, such as Verizon, Sprint,  and all other devices obtained from US with only one or two languages.
2- All android devices with official ROM or official-based custom ROM.

(NOT applicable to custom ROM such as Cyanogenmod, LineageOS and others)

1- Root access in your phone
2- Files explorer with ability to navigate to root directory and build-in text editor
    (preferred ES file explorer free or pro version  Click here to download )

1- Open file explorer
2- Go to this directory:
3- Open this file by note editor: 
4- If you use ES file explorer, Tap on pen icon to edit data
5- Add the code of  required language in both lines and safe 
     (See the list of codes below)

For more details watch this video:

Language                Language Code
English                           en_GB
English (US)                  en_US
Bulgarian                       bg_BG
Catalan                           ca_ES
Czech                             cs_CZ
Danish                            da_DK
German                          de_DE
Estonian                         et_EE
Spanish (Argentina)       es_AR
Spanish (Colombia)       es_CO
Spanish                           es_ES
Spanish (Mexico)           es_MX
Spanish (Venezuela)       es_VE
Basque                            eu_ES
French                            fr_FR
Greek                             el_GR
Galician                         gl_ES
Hebrew                          he_IL
Croatian                         hr_HR
Italian                             it_IT
Latvian                           lv_LV
Lithuanian                      lt_LT
Hungarian                       hu_HU
Dutch                              nl_NL
Polish                              pl_PL
Norwegian                      nb_NO
Persian                            fa_IR
Portuguese                      pt_PT
Portuguese (Brazilian)    pt_BR
Romanian                        ro_RO
Russian                            ru_RU
Slovak                              sk_SK
Slovenian                         sl_SI
Ukrainian                         uk_UA
Turkish                             tr_TR
Swedish                            sv_SE
Chinese (Simplified)         zh_CN
Chinese (Traditional)        zh_TW
Japanese                            ja_JP
Arabic                               ar_SA
Finnish                              fi_FI
Vietnamese                       vi_VN
Thai                                   th_TH
Malay                                ms_MY
Spanish (Latin America)   es_419
Serbian                               sr_RS
Indonesian                          id_ID

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