How to Flash Cosmic-OS ROM 7.x.x into Samsung Galaxy S5 and other phones

In this video I will show you how to flash/install Cosmic ROM, a custom ROM that's based on android Nougat 7.1.2, to Samsung galaxy S5
devices step by step and in easiest method.
Also this Method is applicable to any other compatible devices with only difference in downloaded ROM and GApps files based on your device.
•Before you try this custom ROM, you should make sure that your device has unlocked boot-loader and has Custom recovery installed, otherwise don't try this.
•You should select suitable ROM and GApps files that are compatible with your device.
•You should make backup for your data from internal memory into external Micro SDCard or to computer, also you can sync your personal information, contacts, and other into your account in google.

This ROM has many advantages over other custom ROMs such as on-hand customization, addition themes, additional free storage, in addition to others advantages such as pre-rooted system with ability to activate or disable root access with multi-language for about 50th international language.

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  1. Custom recovery 
  2. External Micro SDCard 8GB or more
  3. Cosmic ROM zip file From here 
  4. GApps zip file From here     (you should select a proper GApps one that applicable to your CPU type and the version of Cosmic ROM; For example in my case, the CPU IN my Galaxy s5 device is ARM, and the version of installed ROM is 7.1.x, so I download GApps by selecting: ARM>7.1>Mini.) (however, you have a choice to select any one rather than Mini)

       To see what CPU type of your phone click here
  5. Put both Cosmic ROM and GApps zip files in external Micro SDCard and follow the following video for flashing step by step:



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