How to Add Meta Tags To Blogger Description and to Every Topic in Blogspot

 blogger meta tag description

Meta tags have a very important role for both your blog and for your topics or posts in that blog. Meta tags help Search engine optimization (SEO) to index your blog and posts in a way to make internet search inquiries from search engines to get into your blog or blogger posts (i.e increase traffic to your blogger), and this in return, will increase ranks of your website or blog.

On this topic I will show you how to add:
1- Meta tags description to your blogger or blog in blogspot
2- Meta tags description to every single post in Search Description from Post setting either to new topics or posts or to old.

Note:  In a way to add meta tags or Search Description to posts,  you should first enable Blog Meta Tags Description after adding Meta Tags Descriptions of whole blog.

The following steps will guide you to do that:

1- Login to your blog then go to blogger dashboard:
  click here to go to blogger.

2-Go to Setting >Search preferences.

3-From Meta tags description, click Edit then Yes to enable it and to add your blog description into the box.

4-Add your description into the box then click Save Changes button.

Note: Your description should be 150 characters or less(including letters and spaces).
If you add more than 150 character, you will see this error message:
"Must be at most 150 characters"

5- To know how many characters have you entered, copy it into the second box on this website from this link  and edit it there.

6- Now, copy edited text and paste it into description box on blogger then click save changes.

Now, we finished adding Meta tags description to whole blogger.

Next steps will show you how to add Meta tags to topics or posts.

1-Create new post or go to old posts and click Edit option under title of post

In my case, the Search Description still hidden, but it will appear after reloading page, just to show you the difference before and after adding blogger meta tags description

2-Add your meta tag phrases related to your post and Click done

It will be better if you add only a few phrases or words that are related to post because this will affect traffic to your blog positively or negatively.

Extra notes:

-You Can add meta tags to older posts by applying previous two steps to all old post one by one.
- If you have a custom redirects links, remember to check them to make sure they still available and work from the blogger options just below meta tags description.

Also we made a video to show you how to do all steps of adding meta tags description to blogger, how to check custom redirects links, and how to add meta tags to every post on blogger even the older post:
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