Fix "Couldn't Bind HTTPS Acceptor Socket" | Cain and Abel App APR Sniffer Not Working

couldn't bind https acceptor

Cain and Abel is a popular software used to recover lost or forgotten passwords or monitoring networks, but this app can also be used illegally for other purposes like hacking passwords of others.
But user may suffer from annoying errors which cause  APR network Sniffer 
unable to capture or redirect any packets properly. The error massage says:
"Couldn't Bind HTTPS Acceptor Socket"

And followed by two other error messages:
"Failed to retrieve error description !"
"Timeout Expired stopping HTTPS acceptor thread"

On this topic you will learn how to fix that error/s.

This topic will show you how to deal with the HTTPS error during APR sniffing, but you should use it only if you use Cain software for educational purpose or for using it legally to do security testing or monitoring of your own networks, otherwise you are not allowed to use this method.

-Steps to fix error:

1- Download Tcpview tool to end all processes and tasks that use https rather than Cain and Abel.
To download TCPview tool, click this link to go to official website and download it.
Or you can click on this link to download directly.

2- Extract to desktop or to any directory.

3- Go to extracted folder and double click Tcpview.exe file to open it.

4- Search Local Port column for all processes that use https and end them.

Back to Cain and Abel and start your mission without error.

To watch steps, you can go to this video on our channel on youtube:

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