How to Obtain a Free Custom Domain Name with TLD and How to Connect it to Blogspot


 Domain name is the specific and unique address that differentiate every website on the internet from each others through a set of specific characters, or phrases. Based on Wikipedia,  Domain name can be defined as an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy,
authority or control within the Internet. For example the is the domain name of this website. Also,, and are the domain names for google search engine, Wikipedia encyclopedia, and Facebook respectively.   

If you has a BlogSpot on Blogger platform, you might got a notification to add your third party URL address or specific domain name to your blogger, or even if you tried to upgrade your hosted Adsense account to show adds on your BlogSpot you will asked to put your website url address with Top-level domain (TLD), i.e. you can't put url of your blogger (such as  if you need to upgrade your AdSense account because this is  not a TLD url.

The Top-level domain (TLD) can be defined as the last segment of a domain name or root website address, or is the part that came immediately after the "dot" symbol. For example in  the TLD is tk segment,  while in  the TLD is com.

There are many websites or organizations that offer domain names for some dollars per year such as,, and .and many others.

On this topic I will show you how to obtain a free domain name or website address for your BlogSpot or website with Top-Level Domain (TLD) for free, with the correct way to connect this Domain to your BlogSpot.

first : How to create or register a free Domain name:
 1- Go to this website that offer a free domain name for one year from this link.

2. Write your desired domain name on the box (for example write apptechera) then click on Check Availability button to see if it available or not.

3- Choose one from the list of free domains and click Get now!.
    Also you can skip this step by inserting .tk after your desired   name like this (

4- Click on 1 domain in card to continue.

5- Click on the box under duration and change it to 12 months.

6- Click on Forward this domain icon and type the URL address of your blogspot (for example then click continue.

7- Type your email address into the box then click verify my email address.

8- Go to your email and open the email message from to verify your email validity by opening the link provided on email message.

9- The link from email will redirect you to a page on freenom website that ask you to update your information. Fill in all your details and check the box next to I have read and agree to the terms and conditions, then click Complete Order to continue.

 Now your are finished registration steps of free domain name.

Second: steps of how to connect this new domain to your blogger:

1- From blogger dashboard Go to: Setting>Basic>Blogger address

2- Click on: Setup a 3ed party URL for your blog


3- Write a new domain url into the box then click Save button

Don't click save on this step until you finished the following steps

4- Now, We should back to freenom website to add the following CNAMEs to domain DNS setting:



You should copy the CNAMEs records from your blogger which will be like the following:

as shown on the picture below:

                              To fill the DNS setting as above follow the next steps:

5- In freenom website:Click service>My Domains
    (You should have logged in to freenom website)

6- Next to your domain name on domain list, Click Manage Domain button.

 7- follow the video below for rest of steps:

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