How to Create Free Android APK App for Your Blog, Website on WordPress or Blogger Offline

Learn how to create APK application for android by yourself without need to be expert in coding or in android studio using. You need only a small portable tool (about 12 Mb) is required to start building your own application in less than 5 minutes.

In this method will help you to create web software for android system to browse your website, blogger, or any other website, or even to use it as a custom internet browser.

Also there are many online tools that offer the generating apk app service, but most of them enforce you to do many annoying steps before you can obtain the generated app, or they would add their own logo or link into your app, in addition to some limitations, but with this free tool, you will be free to generate your own app easily and for free.

FIRST: Pre-Requirements:
- Java jre 1.7 or newer (
Open this link and accept license agreement before you click to download
.- NET framework Run-time v4.0.30319 or newer.
Click here to go to download page.

 Note: Your computer may be contains the previous pre-requirements, so, first download the essential tool from link below then run it before you download the Java jre or NET framework.

SECOND: Download the Ultimate Advanced Apktool from this link:

THIRD: Watch this video to see how to do that step by  step:

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  1. I tried this and every thing was okey but when i go to the file i do not find the app. Are there any solutions.

  2. Welcome bro,
    make sure that you write the name for apk file when you choose the directory of saving folder from the Output apk option, ( See 2:10 of video).

  3. Other suggestions:
    - Make sure that you search for your apk on the correct folder (use the search option to find it).
    - Try to run it as administrator.
    - It ((may be)) a result of ADB Package if not installed on your system.