Fixed 100%: and Feedburner Error: Feed Exceeds 512KB Size Limit

Feed Exceeds 512KB Size Limit

This will show you how how to fix the following errors with, feedburner, or others, when you trys to activate feed's auto-share for new posts of your website ( blogger, wordpress, ...etc.):
- Feed exceeds 512KB size limit
- Your feed filesize is larger than 1024k

Solution for this problem:

1- Login into feedburner using Gmail account
2- Enter the default feed URL for your website new posts like this:
  (Replace or apptechera by your own domain url)

3- Add ?max-results=3 after default feed URL of your website or blog like the following and click next:
 (Replace by your own domain url)
   (Replace apptechera by your own domain url)

4- Complete the activation steps on feedburner website.

5- After you complete all steps on feedburner website, click on Edit Feed Details option and copy the url from Original Feed: Textbox.

6- Back to dlvrit website and paste the copied url into the box of feed finder and click on search icon.

7- Click on + icon to complete the operation without errors.

For more info you can watch this video step by step:

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