Fixed 100%: Avira Launcher Not Opening or Working and its Icon Not Showing in System Tray in Windows 10

solve Avira anti-virus launching problem

Recently, some users of Avira Antivirus, encountered a problem with a desktop software, represented by #disappeared app's icon from notification area, and the app's desktop shortcut not responds to clicks (i.e. Avira launcher not working and does not open when you click on Avira icon
from desktop or from start menu). If you are a one of those users, this topic is intended to help you to fix this issue easily and permanently.

This issue appears to be an annoying issue in all windows versions such as windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 & 8.1 but it more common in windows 10 based on the most common inquiries from google search engine was: "Avira launcher not working windows 10, Avira not opening windows 10, Avira won't open windows 10, Avira not showing in system tray windows 10, Avira does not open windows 10, ... etc".

This problem seems to be a result of incompatibility between Windows update and Avira application, or between new update of Avira antivirus with windows. 
Unfortunately, there is no offered solution for this issue from Avira online support or even from windows until writing date of this topic, so this topic will help you in fixing that issue by simple and few steps.

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Steps to fix the issue:

1.       Click on Cortana searching box

2.       Type this word into the search box: "services"

3.       Click on Services Desktop app to open it

(Also you can open service app by the following method:

From keyboard, press on (windows + R) keys simultaneously

and Type "services.msc" into the box and hit Enter key.)

Cortana searching box

4.       Locate Avira Service Host

5.       Right-click on it and select start option

6.       Right-click on Avira Service Host again and select properties

solution for disappearance icon or if unable to open or launch avira app

7.       From general panel, make sure that startup type is set to Automatic, or change it to automatic and click OK.

Set avira Service Host to Automatic Startup type

You are done.


Permanent solution for this issue:
If the Avira antivirus not opening when you click on it's icon on desktop or it's system try icon not appear on the next time you launch your computer, try to do the following:

1- Make sure that you have performed an update for Avira antivirus (free or pro version) to latest database and app update, and that you do a restart for your system if Avira app request that after updating or scanning processes.
2- Make sure that you have performed a full computer scan for viruses using Avira, if not, do it right now. (Don't forget to restart your PC after this action).
3- Make sure that there is no another anti-malware or antivirus app that interfere with Avira Service Host starting.
4- Change Avira Service Host start-up type into Automatic Delayed Start by doing the following:

  • Open Services, locate Avira Service Host and right click on it and select Properties. 
  • From general Panel, change the start-up type from Automatic into Delayed automatic start. 

See the following image or open it in new tap to enlarge it.

Avira antivirus icon hides and cannot responds to clicks and cannot start or open or launch

5- Start the Avira Service as on previous steps then Shut down your PC by forcing shut-down method (i.e. via press and hold the power key from the keyboard for 7 secondsand this will permanently fix Avira launcher if won't open in windows 10 on every next start-up for your computer, but you have to do this shutting down method for one time and for purpose of fixing Avira initializing issue only unless the problem occurred again (i.e. Avira won't open or it's icon not showing in system try), as this method will lead to slow start-up of your system (at the first time only), so you have to shut down your laptop from start-up options of windows after you fix this issue through Force shut down method.

Also its important to know how to remove Neshta.a or other viruses from your PC by reading this topic: since the virus could cause this problem for Avira and other apps.



Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q1: Do I have to start Avira Service Host every time I start-up the computer, or there is a permanently solution for that?

 A: If this issue occurred with each new PC start-up, you can try to do the suggestions on the "Permanent solution for this issue:" section (i.e. update Avira antivirus app and its database with restarting, perform full scan with restarting, remove any installed antivirus or anti-malware if installed and perform a force shut down for computer for one time). 

Q2: I applied all mentioned steps but it not work
A: - Make sure that there is no another antivirus app installed on your PC in which it will lead to prevent Avira from starting up,

- try to re-install Avira antivirus, - Make sure that there is no virus prevent Avira app from starting up (You can see this topic to learn how to clean up your PC from viruses).

Q3: Unable to start Services on windows 7?
A: 1- From keyboard, press Windows Icon+R keys at the same time to start "Run" box ( or open it from start panel).
2- Type (or copy/paste without qout ) "services.msc" into the box then press Enter.

Also you can search for "services.msc" instead of "services" only.
3- you can start it from service panel on task manager
(click on task par and select task manager, then go to Services panel and start Avira Services Host from there) (see picture below):

start avira service host from task manager


You have to watch the following video to see how to enable Aavira service when the Avira app stopped from working step by step:

Finally, if you have any question, additional information, or feedback about success or failure in relation to how to fix disappearance of Avira antivirus icon from notification area, or in relation to inability to launch or open the app, don't hesitate to post that through the reply box below. 

Best regards.

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  1. Problem: I can't launch Avira.

    Your Solution 2: "have avira do a system scan"

    Me: uh... I can't launch avira so I can't do a system scan