Fixed 100%: Unable to Open Instagram and Some Other Websites From Internet Explorer Browser

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On this Topic I will show you how to fix Instagram and other websites that can't open in Internet explorer (a desktop browser).

Notice that  the Instagram can't open in internet explorer browser, while other websites can open normally

I have done three attempts, before I got the best solution for this issue:
1- Deleting browsing history        ==> Failed
2- Restoring Advanced setting     ==> Failed
3- Changing user agent                ==> Succeed
You can try all three methods, or do only the third one.

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First method: Deleting browsing history

1- From upper right corner, click on the bolt > Safety> Delete browsing history...
(or press on Ctrl+Shift+Del keys from keyboard)

2- Select all options EXCEPT Passwords option

3- Restart the internet explorer browser and try to open the website

Second method: Restoring Advanced setting

1- From upper right corner, click on the bolt> Internet options then go to Advanced.
2- Click on Restore Advanced Setting then click OK
Make sure that the following three  options are checked:
Use TLS 1.0
Use TLS 1.1
Use TLS 1.2

3- Restart the internet explorer browser and try to open the website.

Third method: Changing user agent (Working solution):

You have to change the user agent  string of internet explorer into the latest googlebot user agent string:
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
You can obtain this string from useragentstring website or from
google chrome browser if it installed on your PC.
              (  I will show you both of methods)

1- Go to useragentstrings website and locate googlebot strings
and copy first one string (You can try another user agent if the first failed).

Alternative website.

Also you can get working user agent string by opening google chrome browser and Click on customizing icon> More Tools>Developer tools
 ( or press on Ctrl+Shift+I keys from keyboard)

1a- Open google chrome and go to developer tools by: 
press on Ctrl+Shift+I keys from keyboard):

1b- Click on the three dots in lower left corner and click
on Network Conditions then pull its tape up

1c- Uncheck Select automatically option
1d- Copy the user agent string from this textbox

2- Back to Internet explorer browser and open developer tools by: Click on bolt> Developer Tools
     (or press F12 from keyboard)

3- Navigate to Emulation panel and change user agent into Custom, then paste the user agent that you copied in first step into custom string textbox.

4- Reload the Instagram or another website page to see the result


Finally, we advice you to use google chrome instead of internet explorer, as the later has many issues and there is no new update or support for it from Microsoft.
Also chrome browser has many advantages over internet explorer, for example, its supporting add-ons, has periodical updates, faster,...etc.

You can download google chrome installer from this link:
If you need Google chrome standalone offline installer click here.

Watch the following video to know how to do that step by step:

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