Is it a Time to Release the Foldable Galaxy S10 on the 10th Anniversary of Galaxy Series?

Galaxy S10 predicted design

If you are very interested in Galaxy S10 and need to know more about its completely new features, we have for you a very exciting news about mobile, its specifications and the availability date.

In addition to its sleek and slim folding shape, this handset will come with completely new features, the most important of which is that it will include the best iPhone x features such as 3D imaging technology, ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader, 5G network technology, 3rd generation processor with only 7 nanometer diameters in addition to the fastest RAM and internal storage than before.

This flagship of Samsung is a new era in the world of smart phones as it be in a foldable design, making it more easily to held in the pocket whatever its size.

Expected name for this flagship:

Galaxy S10, Galaxy F, or Galaxy X?

There is a press release interview at the beginning of the year with Dongjin Koh, one of Samsung's chief employees, and he said that the Galaxy name will remain in future mobile phones and that the suffixes in the label (eg S, Note, Tap or others) can be changed with upcoming releases. Another official statement from the Samsung said that the company will start rolling out a foldable mobile phone series by the end of this year, and will carry the Galaxy X nickname, which is the expected date to release the Galaxy S10. So the probability that the name Galaxy X will be the closest speculation, because it will be difficult to release two devices with the same name (as the "x" in Latin means "10").

There has also been speculation that the new folding mobile phones will carry the name Galaxy F from foldable, but this possibility is far away from true, as there is no official statement from Samsung or from the employees of the company confirms or denies that.

Galaxy S10 flex and folded

Highest speed with lowest power consumption than before:

Earlier this year, Samsung said it had spent $5.6 billion on a new 7-nanometer microprocessor, which would introduce the world's thinnest mobile phone with the best performance ever. Samsung is set to launch the new devices provided with the 7-nm 3ed Generation processor by the end of this year, according to a report from the phone Arena website. And they expected Galaxy s10 to the first one of those devices.

However, according to Ming-Chi kuo, analyst at TF International Securities in an interview with Business Insider website, the processor will not be supplied in all versions of the Galaxy S10, which also said that it will come in three versions (5.8-inch screen, 6.1-inch screen, and a 6.4-inch screen). And he said that this processor will come only in two out of the three versions listed.

It is also worth noting that the new ultrasound screen-fingerprint technology will come only in the devices that will be equipped with the new 3G processor, as it will only be able to operate normally with these processors.

In addition to the processor mentioned, this mobile device will come with high-speed random access memory (RAM) as well as internal storage with unparalleled speed and performance.

Ice Universe, a popular publisher of leaks for Samsung, has said that the company has begun manufacturing a new UFS3 chips and random access memory BDDR5, and the Galaxy S10 will be the first target of this new technology.

This means that the Galaxy S10 will distinguish from other smartphones by the high speed in performance with fewer energy consumption even if used in the hottest climates. This will make the mobile capable of video shooting at very high resolution up to 8K with higher frame rates up to 60 frames per second.

With these new RAM and Chips, we are on schedule with an extraordinary smartphone with the most longer battery life, even with the heavy use of the device.

Question marks about the new experience of a folding mobile:

Although the folding screen technology has been created and available for some time, a fully folding mobile story still carries a lot of mystery and consumer questions about the availability of such smartphone? Does the use of the phone with the flexible features will be completely safe, or it could be a dangerous experience that will lead to a big problem later? especially when it came to the Galaxy s10 smartphone, the most expensive device as well as its maintenance parts.

What is strange about the foldable subject based on the customers, is how the company will be able to make the battery and motherboard folding despite the rigidity of those two parts. But the strangest thing in the whole topic is to which extent will be the flexibility of this mobile without being affecting on the internal pieces, such as transistors, with the continuous flexion and extension movement without being displaced from their place on the motherboard?

The answer can be deduced from an image from a mobile designer website. It shows a model for a foldable mobile, in which it will only folded from the middle of the mobile. They also show in the model that the other area of the mobile phone not foldable.

Foldable Galaxy s10

So, the battery and the motherboard could be made up of two parts spread on either side of the folding center. Or by placing part only on one side and the other part on another side (for example the battery in small size on the upper side and the motherboard also in small size on the lower side of device).

Another question is, how much will the screen be able to withstand the fold and the flex repeatedly, before it breaks into two or at least got some cracks?

The answer to the question will be logical through the research and experiments on mobile, which should be conducted by the company before venturing to put this mobile in the market. There is no doubt that the reason behind the delay in the release of this mobile phone into the market is due to investigations conducted by the company in this regard, especially as there are reports dating back to the beginning of the second quarter of this year from interested sites said that Samsung has completed the design of the new mobile with foldable design, and it has become Completely ready.

However, all these questions and more will be answered by the company in its next periodic conference, or may be from the mobile directly if it could have launched on the market soon.

3 front cameras and 2 rear cameras as well.

Despite the criticism that Samsung has received for trying to emulate iPhone X in 3D technology, experts predict, based on some leaks from inside the company, that the Galaxy 10 will come with an additional two front cameras to make it supports the feature of the three-dimensional (3D) Shooting, as it expected to be a screen lock on the newer iPhone devices, especially in the iPhone-X releases.

3D imaging technology can introduce personal or selfie images to a new experience with more resolution and realistic than before.

According to experts, the Galaxy S-10 is expected to come with three front cameras for this purpose, as well as two cameras in the back to make the imaging more accurate even when shooting in low lights, and the additional camera in the back also will help to shoot video at a very high resolution up to 8k, with the help of the Qualcomm processor and RAM that will come offer high-speed, to ensure a smooth shooting without any performance problems.

Expected release date:

There is no confirmed data about the exact date of a Galaxy s10 launch in the markets, because the company's reservation as usual to set a specific date for the launch of any new phone in the market. But as we have said based on the leaks about the Galaxy S10, it was expected to be released by the end of this year, however, and based on the experts, it is more likely to be available in the market on the middle of the first quarter of next year if compared to scheduled time with all previous phones from the Samsung company.

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