Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working, A problem caused the program to stop working correctly

Internet explorer 11 crashes error message

This topic will shows you how to fix the internet explorer when it crashes with this error message:
Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working,
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...

The previous error message is usually followed by the following error message which enforce stopping the internet explorer browser: 

A problem cause the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

Internet explorer crash error

This issue can occurs on any windows version, such as windows 7, windows vista, windows 8, or even on windows 10, and is not related to previous internet explorer only, but it also can occurs in any version ( internet explorer 8, 9, 10, or even last one which is internet explorer 11). 

Remember that the internet explorer 11 is the last version and is not going to receive any new update from Microsoft, since they replaced it by the newer internet browser that is Microsoft Edge internet browser, but the last one has unacceptable user interface (UI).  
So it will be worth to change to another Internet browser such as Google chrome that is most popular browser now, has a periodic update, support many add-ons, with friendly UI, faster, and much more features.

The solutions offered on this topic are applicable to all windows versions and to all internet explorer versions. So be sure, it will help you. 

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Notes before you start:

  • I will show you many solutions with all steps to do that starting with the most possible one.
  • If the first solution not work, tray the second one, and if the second not work, then try the third one, and so on.
  • You are not compelled to do the next method unless the previous one failed.
  • There is a video for all step at the end of this topic that will shows you how to do all the mentioned steps on this topic.

First solution (the most common):
Disabling add-ons and extensions on internet explorer browser:

a1- From inside the internet explorer user interface (UI), go to Add-on settings by:

  • Click on the bolt icon from upper left corner then select: Manage add-ons Option.

Add-on setting on internet explorer

Also, if the internet explorer enforced to close and you are unable to click on the UI element icons, you can go to the Add-ons settings by doing the following:

  • Press on Windows+R keys from keyboard to open Run Commander and type, inetcpl.cpl then press Enter.
  • Navigate to Programs panel and click on, Manage add-ons button.

b1 -Locate all enabled add-ons, toolbars and/or extensions on internet explorer and disable them one by one.

disable add-ons on internet explorer to fix crashing error

c1- Restart the internet explorer after each add-on disabled and see if the problem fixed or not.

d1- Repeat the previous two steps (i.e. b1 and c1 steps) until you know which add-on is the cause of this issue, then you can delete it, update it, or search the internet for the suitable solution related to that add-on in relation to internet explorer crashing.

Note: You have to disable the add-on one by one instead of disabling all of them together. This way will help you to identify exactly which add-on that cause this problem once the problem disappeared. 

In my case as you will see on the video, the problem fixed after I disabled internet download manager add-on.

Second solution:

Delete the Browsing History of Internet explorer:

a2- Press on Windows+R keys from keyboard to open Run Commander and type, inetcpl.cpl then press Enter.

b2- From General panel> Browsing History, Click on Delete... button.

c2- Select all options to delete, except Passwords option, then
click on Delete button.

Delete the Browsing History of Internet explorer

Third solution:
Disable OR Enable "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" option:

a3- Go to Internet optionsAdvanced, then enable or disable the rendering option (i,e. if it enable on your browser, disable it, and if it disabled, enable it).

To open Internet options, press on Windows+R keys from keyboard to open Run Commander and type, inetcpl.cpl then press Enter.

b3- Click OK

c3- Restart the browser.

Disable OR Enable "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" option

Fourth solution:
"Restore Advanced Setting" of internet explorer:

a4- Go to Internet options> Advanced, then click on: Restore Advanced Setting button.

To open Internet options, press on Windows+R keys from keyboard to open Run Commander and type, inetcpl.cpl then press Enter.

b4- Click OK

c4- Restart the browser.

Restore Advanced Setting of internet explorer

Fifth solution:
"Reset"internet Explorer Settings:

This action will delete everything saved on internet explorer browser (IF YOU HAVE USED ON INTERNET EXPLORER), such as, favorite sites, favorite bar menu, login credential data for websites such as usernames, emails, passwords, ...etc. and you will need to re-enter them again after doing this step. So you have to do this only if the previous steps not help in solve the internet browser crashing problem, and you have previously used the internet explorer without problem.

a5- Go to Internet options> Advanced, then click on:
Reset button.

To open Internet options, press on Windows+R keys from keyboard to open Run Commander and type, inetcpl.cpl then press Enter.

b5- Click OK

c5- Restart the browser.
Reset Setting of internet explorer

Sixth solution:
"Uninstall or disable" internet Explorer browser:

a6- Right-click on Start icon, then select, Programs and Features

b6- Click on, Turn Windows features on or off option.

c6- Uncheck/deselect Internet Explorer 11 option to disable it.

d6- Click Yes, then Click OK to continue.

e6- Restart your computer, then enable the Internet Explorer by doing the previous 4 steps in reversely. 

Seventh solution:
Se which dll file is the source of error:

You may need to know which .dll file that is the source of internet explorer crashing error, then you can fix it, or search google for a solution.


a7- Right-click on Computer or This PC icon, then select, Manage option.

- OR Press on, Windows+R keys from keyboard to open
Run commander and type, compmgmt.msc then click OK.

b7- Navigate to, Event Viewer> Windows Logs> Application, then search for latest error log that is related to internet explorer.

c7- Copy the name and directory for file that is the cause of issue and search google for a solution.

d7- Or you can Run the System File Checker tool (SFC.exe), as on the next solution (i.e. Eighth solution), to fix system-related error.

In may case, the internet download manager (IDM) leads the ntdll.dll file on the  following path to causes the error:
path: C:\Windows\System32\ntdll.dll.
But that .dll can lead to similar problem on other apps, even without relationship to IDM app or it's add-on.

Eighth solution:
Check and repair damaged System files using Run the System File Checker tool (SFC.exe):

a8- Right-click on Start icon, then select, Command Prompt (Admin).

b8- Copy and paste the following command lines one by one and press enter after each line:
sfc /scannow
dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
echo this is a dummy line

You have to wait for first command line to finishes before you paste the second line.

c8- Restart your computer to apply changes.

You should watch the following video to be more familiar with the mentioned methods and to see how to do that fixes, step by step:

Finally, Your feedback, about the method that works
with you, is important to help others. Also if you need to add additional data to any method, have another method to fix the crashing problem of windows internet explorer, or have any question, don't hesitate to post it below on comments of this topic.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.  

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