Table of Contents (ToCs) on Web Page Topics: Types, Significance, and the Effect on SEO Ranks

Table of Contents (ToCs) on Web Page Topics: Types, Significance, and the Effect on SEO Ranks

Table of contents, contents, quick links or whatever the name that you can call, is the small box that contains the headlines of your topic or subject on a Web page with a links to that headline or section inside that topic.

 It is a common linking method in most websites especially with longer topics, which help user to navigate to the desired section among the topic efficiently and quickly without need to explore the whole topic up and down searching for a specific point. For example, approximately all the topics on Wikipedia website has the table of contents that's sometimes a long table for topic's sections and sub-sections.


Importance of adding table of contents on web page:

Not only the users’ adherence to your website will leads to increase your rank in term of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) rank, but also Search Engines itself will favor your categorized topic over others, as the TOC will help in better understanding of your content.

  • 1. Encourage writers to divide the topic into distinct sections instead of posting unorganized topic.
  • 2. Enforce writers to add enough data to each section instead of adding a new section with poor or few data, which will be a useless section.
  • 3.The table of contents will give your web page or topic a charm-like appearance.
  • 4. Categorized topic, reveals that the author is a professional writer.
  • 5. Table of contents will helps Search Engine snippets to good understanding the topic and subtopic contents.
  • 6. Search Engines will use the table of contents of general and good topics with its links to show it in the first results of search enquiries, so the users will prefer to click on the direct link to their specific request among the general topic instead of opening a whole topic.
  • 7. Without the table of contents that will appear on Search Engine results, the users will not open your general topic, as the title will be more general as well. For example, if you have a general topic including the solution to all Google Search analytic errors with this title "Solutions for All Google Search Analytic errors”, the users who inquire a solution for "A Value for the Publisher Field is Required" will prefer not to click on your title even if you are include the solution for his problem in your topic.
  • 8. Also, you can use the Table of Contents code to convert any word or phrase in the topic into a clickable link to transfer the reader directly to any paragraph, section, table or image inside the topic, and this will bring to your visitors comfortable and flexible reading, hence encourage them to explore your website for other interested topics with similar comfortable and flexible manners making them more adhered to your website on the future visits.


Different types of Table of Contents:
There are different types for table of contents that can be used on web page topics. The best one is that will have pinned to one sidebar of the topic with options to hide or show it based on the user need.
·  Classic Table of Contents without hyperlinks:
This type of ToC's can be added directly at the beginning of the topic without need to add any code or script. This will help visitors to take a general view about the entire content of your topic, but will not help them to navigate to a specific section inside the topic as this ToC is not associated with clickable links.

·  Simple table of Contents with clickable hyperlinks:
This ToC is similar to previous one as it will be invisible for users when they advanced on reading away from the beginning of the topic. It will help user to navigate to the desired section by clicking on the hyperlink from the table of contents, it's considered better choice than the previous one, but you have to manually define links on the table of contents to connect that links to the header of specific section inside the topic. We have prepared a separated topic to show you how to add ToC's code into your topic.
Notice that the previous two ToC types will not negatively affect the loading speed of your page as they are not need to add script to your theme or topic.
As those two types are not need to add an additional script (CSS, java script, ...etc), they will work on every internet browser on either computer with windows, Linux or any OSs and mobile phones with android, IOS, windows or any Operating system.

Read this topic to see how to add this ToC on your topic.

·  Floating (pinned) Table of Contents:
  • This type of ToC's is the best table of contents as it allows the user to click on any clickable link on the table from anywhere on the page as it well be pinned to a sidebar of page.On this type of ToC, it will be great to add a show and hide property to show the table or hide it based on the user preference, as the table of contents may cover the text or images or another part of topic.
Finally, you have to see how can you add a simple and classic table of contents without plugin, CSs or java script from the following Video:

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