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corel videostudio error message

Many users of Corel video editing software are suffering from corel video studio rendering problem which is the annoying error at a critical point of rendering process when the try to finalize their projects. This error prevents users from saving video to real video in mp4, wmv, avi, or to any other format in a way to upload it to YouTube or social media or even to share it with others.

If you are among of those users who are suffering from corel video studio rendering problem, or suffering from a corel videostudio frame unreadable error, we will guide you on this topic with best soltion to get ride of this error forever.

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corel videostudio has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working properly

Corel VideoStudio app is a popular video editing software since it is the most video editing app that everyone (either beginner or professional) can use without previous study or help from others, 

it came with many editing options that can be used to montage and produce a professional video and that make it a good choice for anyone.

But this error seems to be a reasonable issue for users to change to another video editor, such as Sony Vegas, Wondershare Filmora, Wax or others, unless the Corel company made a hot-fix or update for Corel VideoStudio that could prevent this annoying error or at least offer the possible cause with suggested solution for this error inside application interface.

The error may appear at any point in process of video saving or final rendering with the following error message:

"This Format is Supported Only in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10":

corel videostudio error message

 which followed by another small box of error message says:
Frame 7165 is Unreadable"
Frame 7165 is Unreadable corel videostudio x10
Or som
etimes, the following error message may appear:
"Get all items failed, result = 100"
Get all items failed, result = 100

Note: The previous errors can occur in any Corel videostudio version, such as corel viedostudio x10, x9, x8, x7, x6, x5, x4, ...etc., and the offered solutions on this topic are applicable to all corel versions.

There are many possible causes that can lead to this error, but the following 4 are the most common causes:

1- Busy or limited Computer resources [such as RAM (Random Access Memory)& CPU(Central Processing Unit)]: which, may be, as a result of many running applications, opened web pages, or background tasks, especially in computers with compromise PC performance, decrease available size of RAM, and/or limited CPU speed:
 Solution: Close any opened software or web page, and stop using computer during process of video saving.
Open Task Manager and end any unessential task that could busy your RAM or CPU, but you should take a great care to only end the tasks that you know that they unessential tasks, and avoid tasks that are essential for windows to work properly, or for security application, or even for Corel application such as QuickTime player, or some Corel add-ons that may appear as a separated tasks or apps while they work only inside Corel VideoStudio software.

2- Video effects especially if you are use an effects from older Corel versions or from unregistered add-on:
Remove or replace effect that leads to the error.
- Make sure that your add-on registered and compatible with the Corel version that you are using.

3- Transitions between videos and/or photos:
There are some transitional effects from third party add-ons that may  leads to this error especially from the older tools, for example, if you are using corel video studio x10 and being using an transition effect from third party add-on that is compatible with corel videostudio x9, x8, x7, x6, x5 or even corel videostudio x4, this for sure will lead to this error message.

Third party add-ons '(such as Adorage, Vitascene, ...etc.)' are not came with corel Videostudio standalone package installation, instead, you should pay for that extra add-ons and install them separately.   
- Remove or replace Transition that leads to this error.
- Make sure that your add-on registered and compatible with the Corel version that you are using.

Note: (To know the exact video effect or transition effect that cause the error you need to activate preview screen of video, and to continue in watching the preview screen during the processes of video saving to know at which frame on timeline the error message appears. If you still unable to know the exact frame by watching, you can use the calculation method from video below.)

4- Format of original video (being edited) which may have a special or incompatible codec:
- Before you start video editing, you should convert the video or videos that may lead to the error, to another format using video converter (preferred to wmv).

But if you already finished video editing and don’t need to lose edited project, you can follow the video below to know how to fix error and keep your project for further editing or to save and share it without error:

That was the solution for the Corel VideoStudio problem with format incompatibility error message, that said This format is supported only in windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10. If you have another method to solve this issue, or have a question about this solution, don't hesitate to comment using reply box below.

thank you.  

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