How to Disable or Remove: Choose an Operating System to Start or Press Tab to Select a Tool | Windows 7

Choose an Operating System to Start or Press Tab to Select a Tool

If you have suffered from this annoying issue with every windows boot or start up with the following message:

“Choose an Operating System to Start or Press TAB to Select a Tool”, here we will guide you with the easiest way to remove, disable or at least decrease the waiting time before windows starting normally.

Usually, this error occurs as a result of installation a new windows version (windows 7, windows vista or newer windows) over previous one without formatting the C hard drive, as on this case you will end up with two windows operating systems installed on your single computer.

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We have made a small video to show you all steps offered on this topic to make it easier for you to apply all steps safely and flawlessly.


How to decrease the delay time before default operating system boot at computer start up with dual boot option.

If you need to keep both old and new windows operating systems, you can change duration of start-up delay before your computer boot with the highlighted operating system from the list of available OSs, you have to do the following steps (A1 to A4):

A1- From Keyboard, press Windows icon and R Keys.

A2- Type msconfig and click run.

A3- Navigate to boot panel.

A4- Change Timeout to 5 seconds or less then click OK.


 You are done



How to delete the older operating system in a way to disable that screen permanently:

To disable or delete that screen permanently, you have to delete the older operating system completely from your computer by doing the following steps (B1 to B5):

Note: this will ONLY delete the files of older operating system and not the new one which you will use to perform this steps, however, this operation will provide you additional free space in your hard drive or storage.

B1- Open Command Prompt as admin (also you have to login to your laptop or computer through administrator account and not guest account in a way to be able to perform this task).

B2- Type bcdedit and click Enter.

B3- Make backup for bcd setting by adding the following command line:

bcdedit/export c:\savedbcd


Note: To restore bcd, replace export by import in previous command, however you will not need to do it if perform all the steps correctly.

- You will see three entries under the Windows Boot Manager with different identifiers labeled as followings:


Windows Boot Manager bcdedit
 Click the image to enlarge it

- Locate the Identifier of old Operating system (OS) which will have (Earlier Version of Windows) on its description.

(usually it will have {ntldr} as an identifier).

- Carefully delete the older OS as on the next step:

B4- Write the following command to delete old OS:

bcdedit/delete {ntldr} /f

CAUTION: Take care to avoid deleting the folder of the newer operating system which is usually has {current} as an identifier and to avoid deleting the folder of boot which is usually has {boot} as an identifier, because this operation could not be reversed and may lead to irreversible damage to your data, laptop, or both.

B5- Restart Windows to see the result.


If you still confused about steps of disabling of ”Choose an Operating System to Start or Press TAB to Select a Tool” startup option, you can watch the following video:

Finally, if you have any question in relation to windows start up error of selecting an operating system to start issue, you can post that question using the replay option below.

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  1. I wonder, how many people still use Windows 7? It is already old. Moreover, there are no updates for it anymore. Everyone uses Windows 10.

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  3. Thanks ATE - for the article. It helped me to understand better on this matter how next releases of Windows works.

  4. Only your article helped me fully understand the reasons and solve this problem once and for all, so I recommend it to all my friends who turn to me for help.