How to Connect New Custom Google Domain to Blogger Blogspot


How to Connect New Custom Google Domain to Blogger Blogspot blog post

On this topic I will show you how to connect Google Domain to  Blogger blog spot in just few easy steps.

Every one can have a free website or blog on the internet. Blogger blogspot from google is the best provider for such a free website with free domain and free hosting, however like other providers, the domain of free website or free blog will be longer than paid domain. So to get a short custom domain end with .net or .com, you have to pay for that about some dollars per month for example, you can obtain domain from google for about 12 US dollar for one year witch look like to be the best price. 
Steps to connect google domain to blogger:

1- Login to your Google account for both of blogger and domain or add the account that is associated to google domain to be an admin on blogger to facilitate installation or setup. 

2- Open Google domain page and from My Domains panel, click on Table icon or + icon  to add your website.

3- From the new web page select BUILD WEBSITE option.

4- From the new web page select Blog option.

5- Select I ALREADY HAVE A BLOGGER ACCOUNT option  or select START WITH BLOGGER option if you don't have.

6- Select the desired blog if you have more than one blog  then click on CONNECT BLOG option.

7- Click again on CONNECT BLOG option.

Notice that your new domain and blog will not open until 10 minutes after you finished  setup on blogger.

8- Now go to blogger dashboard > Settings > Basic and add your new domain from Blog Address option by clicking on:
+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog option.

9- Type or paste your new domain and click Save.

NOW you're finished, but you have to wait for 10 minutes or so until your blog can open with new domain address.

Also you can watch the following video if you still confused about discussed method od connecting google domain to blogger blog:

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